Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 Yearly Overview

Our teacher is Miss Prosser and our teaching assistant is Mrs Gawne.

Today year 4 were joined by some of the preschool children and some year 6 pupils to take a closer look at the frogs in the pond .There are hundreds of frogs at the moment.

John Woodcock came to visit us to hold a Mock Parliament. The children debated two issues as a class prior to our visit to the Houses of Parliament.

Year 6 became teachers as they assessed the Year 4 Music Information sheets and gave feedback. They are now going to be writing partners who will regularly work together.


Year 6 enjoyed their active Maths lesson today. They worked together to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions, including mixed numbers.

Book Club are enjoying an exciting preview of Wonder the movie after reading the book over the past few weeks. The event is part of World Kindness Day.

 WW2 dig for victory day . Yr 6 had an afternoon learning about how parks ,golf courses and even the moat at the Tower of London were turned into allotments .The children harvested beetroot ,celery, peppers and carrots from the school garden.

Year 6 are using bar modelling every day this month to solve problems in the White Rose Maths, barvember challenge.