Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Our teacher is Miss Noble and our teaching assistants is Mrs Savage. Mrs Lawson helps us on Tuesday mornings.

Year 1 Yearly Overview

Year 1 enjoyed their first Kidsafe session today with KS, Mrs Broadfoot and Mrs Gawne.

Year 1 planted lots of vegetable and flower seeds. The trays are now covered over with plastic lids until they germinate.

Year 1 were joined today by Mrs P and Paul ready for our next Gardening activity. Paul came to speak to us about the grains that we will be planting next week. We looked at lots of different grains and spoke about all the different things they help to make. We’re really looking forward to planting these next week! 

As part of our Topic and Art work, Year 1 have been focusing on the artist Banksy. Banksy creates his artwork using stencils so we decided to design, make and stencil our own artwork. Banksy’s art is designed to make people think and our topic was ‘How to make the world a better place.’ You can find our #banksy  outside Year 1.

Year 1 had a ‘soup’er time with Mrs P making soup with a collection of winter vegetables!

Year 1 had a fantastic time watching Sing at the cinema today.

Year 1 with our prize pumpkin we grew in the polytunnel. The pumpkin came 3rd in the Evening mail competition.