Wildlife Area

About our Wildlife Garden

At Dane Ghyll School, we have a wonderful environmental area, with a wildlife pond, willow archway, bug hotels and lots of bird feeders. We like to encourage wildlife into the garden.

Mrs Postlethwaite has worked with Year 2 children to design and build a wormery.The worm composting system reduces vegetable scraps to high quality compost and liquid fertilizer to be used on the school vegetable beds.

The children have also built a fantastic bug mansion. Bird feeders are made on a regular basis to keep the birds well fed, especially over the cold winter months. We have also planted bamboo, and hope we will never need to buy canes for the garden again, as we are growing our own!

January 2018 Wildlife update

Reception class children had a visit to the wildlife area to feed the birds with bird feeders they had made using pine cones, lard and seed. They hung the feeders from the trees.
It was very cold outside and there was lots of ice in the pond.
 The bird bath was also full of ice which we had to clear away so the birds can still enjoy the water.

December Wildlife Update

The children continue to feed the birds in the wildlife area during this colder time .The birds seem to enjoy feeding from the coconut shells filled with lard and seed. 
The bug mansion has lots of creatures living in it , all keeping warm.
We are still feeding the worms in the wormery vegetable peelings and egg shells.
The pond is looking slightly clearer after year 6 worked to clear the algae . We are now trying to get funding to purchase a solar pump.

November update

The pond has had some of the reeds taken out , it was very overgrown! Year 6 helped to clear the reeds away and also clear the pond of algae. Year 2 have made lots of cheerio necklace bird feeders and also bird feeders made out of coconut shells ,lard and bird seed.The leaves are falling from the trees and the willow arch has had another trim.


October Update

Reception class have visited the gardens and wildlife area, they really enjoyed seeing the bug hotels, bird feeders, sun catchers and the pond. Year 3 have had a litter pick after all the strong winds and have also helped to tidy the wildlife area.