Garden News

Dane Ghyll has a prize-winning and productive vegetable garden - we have been Cumbria in Bloom winners every year since 2012 and Barrow Town Hall housing department winners in 2015 and 2016.

In 2016, we displayed our first ever show garden at Holker Garden Festival and received a gold award. Our vegetables have won medals in the Sawrey Marrow Shows from 2011 to 2016.

Our gardening diaries also won us first place in the Harrod Horticultural national schools garden competitions in 2014 and second place in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016.

We have a greenhouse, large polytunnel and a raised planting bed for each class. Not only do we grow vegetables, we also have a sensory garden, container garden, rose garden, boat and minion tyre planters made by the children.

With the help of Mrs. Postlethwaite, the children are always kept busy in the vegetable plots. 

January 2018 Garden update

During the last few weeks we have had lots of frost and ice in the garden ,hopefully this wont stop our spring cabbage ,cauliflowers and onions from growing.
The fruit trees in the orchard have no leaves on, we are waiting for the spring to arrive then they will be covered in blossom.
The peas we planted in the poly tunnel are growing well and are getting very tall.They should start to flower soon, then the flowers will turn into peas.
We have started work on an upgrade of our container garden. The first job is to paint the fences then we will make some new containers for the flowers to grow in.

December Gardening Update

During these colder weeks we have still managed to pick some produce from the poly tunnel including carrots , peppers and oranges .Some of the carrots are very large! However the potatoes we planted in the poly tunnel which were a Christmas picking variety have suffered from the cold weather .
We have continued to use the soil from the compost bin, we still have another two bins to empty.
The children have watered the plants in the greenhouse and poly tunnel ,including the conker trees Paul planted with reception children.

November update

This month the children have continued to harvest vegetables including beetroot ,carrots ,peppers and celery .The onions which are stung up in the polytunnel have now headed into the school kitchen and were served in the hotpot and chilli last week.
The spring cabbage ,onions and cauliflower are growing well.
Year 4 made tyre planters at the front of the school ,they planted daffodil bulbs , lavender and Rosemary in them . Paul made the pencils and the deputy mayor ,Bill Mc Ewan came to open our new garden!
year 3 cleared the leaves from the container garden and we added new winter bedding plants.


October Gardening Update

This month, we have seen a lot of our fruit and vegetables harvested, we even have small oranges this year. Year 1 have helped to take the marrows and butternut squash out of the beds and they have covered the bed with black plastic to keep the soil warm for our next planting.

Year 5 have harvested beetroot, kohl rabi, cabbage and chard. They have started to empty our compost bins - we have made our own soil!